November – Vegan Pints and Press Ups

I’ll be trying to blog each month to share the progress with my challenges.

If you’re not yet aware of what I’m doing you can find out more on my Facebook page (, put simply I am completing 30 different challenges while I am 30 years old to raise awareness and funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK. I’ve listed the challenges at the end of this blog. I’m really keen for people to join me on any of these challenges so if you want to get involved drop me a message!

I turned 30 on 7th November 2014, and promptly started my first and probably most enjoyable challenge – 100 Different Pints. The first pint was a Doombar, this was followed by many more birthday celebratory pints over the weekend! I’m now up to 16 pints completed and most of them have been pretty good!

One of my hardest challenges is going to be the 100 press up challenge where I need to train to be able to do 100 press ups in a row. There is a training plan online that I’ve been following. I was pretty pleased with my first attempt of 22 meaning I could start on week three of six apparently! I then failed massively on the first days training so went back to week two and finished that off successfully. Back onto week three it still took me six attempts to complete it though – for anyone that wants to try it, it’s 5 sets with 60 secs rest as follows 12, 17, 13, 13, 17.

I was able to completely tick off one challenge this month, Vegan for a Week. Cat (my wife) joined my for this one and we went vegan for 7 days. I found it really hard, particularly after a couple of nights out when I really wanted some comfort food! The meals we had were actually quite easy and very tasty, it was the snacks in between that were more challenging. It required us to be really organised because it was very hard to grab food on the move or from a pub. I didn’t really miss the meat, but really missed the dairy – soya milk just isn’t the same in a cup of tea! We also didn’t realise that a lot of beer and lager isn’t vegan friendly, this created a few issues and required a lot of googling different beers while stood at the bar!

I’ve also been training for my next challenge which will be Gravesend Xmas Duathlon on 7th December. I will also be swimming in Bassenthwaite Lake at Xmas!

November also saw a couple of other milestones. November 14th was the first anniversary of my Mum’s passing. She sadly died quite suddenly of pancreatic cancer following a four year fight. Although she’d survived the initial cancer and subsequent surgery it returned quickly and aggressively a few years later. It was an incredibly difficult time for me and my family but the  messages of support really did help, and a year on I am able to remember her with more smiles than tears.

The Challenges:

  1. London to Brighton off road cycle
  2. Fred Whitton Round Cycle
  3. Cycle 1250 miles throughout the year
  4. 100 mile sportive (cycle)
  5. London to Paris/Amsterdam Cycle
  6. Cycle to work and back
  7. Vegan for a week
  8. 100 different pints
  9. No hot drinks for 90 days
  10. Hike across Dartmoor
  11. 3 Peaks Challenge
  12. 100 press up challenge
  13. Oxted Pram Race
  14. Tough Mudder
  15. Learn to Row + complete a challenge
  16. Week of MSMAS martial arts training
  17. Borrowdale Trail Run
  18. Richmond Half Marathon
  19. Edinburgh Marathon
  20. Run 500 miles over the year
  21. Month of 10k races
  22. Sussex Marathon Weekend
  23. Big South East Aquathon
  24. Lake Swim at Xmas
  25. Swim 20miles over the year
  26. Triathlon
  27. Half Ironman
  28. Gravesend Xmas Duathlon
  29. No alcohol for a month
  30. TBC – Spare!!!
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