Xmas Dips and Injured Soles

I want to give you all a short update on the last few weeks training (and lack of!) and take a look forward at what is going to be a busy Spring for me, and hopefully a few of you too. If you’ve set a new year’s resolution to get fit then why not come and join me in a challenge at some point? I want to get as many of my friends and family involved with this as possible, so take a look and sign yourself up for a challenge!

When I wrote the list for these challenges and started showing people and discussing what would be possible it became quite clear that if things were planned right I should be able to complete everything. The main thing I needed to avoid was an injury…! Those of you that know me well will know that this was always going to be an issue – the last few years have been plagued by various sporting and self-inflicted injuries!

Frustratingly, almost straight after the Duathlon I managed to injure my foot. I rolled it at hockey training and felt the inside of it crunch and shift. A painful drive home was followed by the obligatory ice and a quick google of what I might have done. I woke up not being able to walk at all and had to visit the local Minor Injuries Clinic (not clog up the A&E!), the staff there said it was nothing serious and to keep resting it. The following week I was able to see Sam Blanchard, a friend from University. Sam has volunteered to be my physio for a few months, which is great news for me – I hope he knows what he has let himself in for! Sam has told me to rest until January so I’ve done my best impression of a good patient and will see him again soon.

The injury has meant that I have done almost no training at all since the duathlon. I did manage to complete one challenge though – the Lake Swim at Christmas. The video is available on the Facebook page and has been seen 2250 times so far! Big thanks to Jon, Jen, and Cat for joining me. Jon took some convincing and only made his mind up after a quiet word from Mr Becks and Ms Stella Artois the night before! It was -1 degree outside the water, and just 6 degrees in the water! Extremely cold, not even Captain Morgan managed to keep us warm! When we got out we couldn’t feel our feet at all which made putting shoes on very difficult. The most painful part of this challenge was the shower afterwards as the feeling returned in fingers and toes – hopefully the neighbour’s didn’t hear my screams!!!

I’ve got a few more challenges coming up in Spring – between now and June I’ll be taking on most of my running challenges. February will be my month of 10km races, March I’ll take on the Richmond Half Marathon and the One True Grit Obstacle Race. After that it’s onto some serious training in April in preparation for the Sussex Marathon Weekend at the start of May, and the Edinburgh Marathon at the end of May. Following that I’ve just got a trail run to do and then the running challenges are complete!! Sounds simple on here, but it’s going to be a serious challenge to finish these events alongside my hockey and whilst trying to rehab my foot.

Finally, thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far – we’ve made over £400 through the first 3 challenges which is amazing. Thank you also to everyone who has joined me in a challenge – it’s much more fun doing them with other people.

The Half Marathon and Obstacle Race are two events that I’d like to have really big teams of people at, so please take a look at them and come and join me. I’ve ordered some t-shirts that we can all wear, you can buy these from me for £10 each, and £2 of each one goes to the charity.

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