Tea, Tea, Tea…I Miss TEA!!!

I’m now 4 months into the 30/30 Challenge and I’ve completed 4 challenges, with another 5 underway! More importantly Team 30/30 have now raised £600!

I’m getting asked more often what the hardest challenges have been so far and without a doubt the hardest physically is currently the 100 press up challenge. I’m following the 100 Push Up Challenge training programme (www.hundredpushups.com) which should apparently be completed in 6 weeks! 16 weeks in I am stuck on the week 4 day 3 training session and can’t complete it – it’s tough knowing that when you start the training session your going to work to exhaustion and get nowhere near the goal for that session.

Psychologically the ‘No Tea for 90 Days’ challenge is proving very tough! I thought this would be an easier challenge than it’s proving to be, and I no longer have a reasonable answer the constant question of “why did you choose 90 days??!” I genuinely thought this challenge would be easy so thought 90 days would make it harder, and it certainly us! The caffeine cravings subsided after a couple of weeks but the habit of drinking tea/coffee is something I am finding hard to break. It’s something I think about regularly and would usually drink 4-6 cups a day at work! Still, only two more months to go!

I feel that this is a good time to say a big thank you. So far Cat (my wife) has done every challenge with me, including the no hot drinks challenge! She’s been fully committed to jumping in lakes, running, cycling, and eating vegetables with me despite her own injuries and sporting challenges! She’s also going to be an immense source of advice and support in the coming months. Thanks Cat. While I’m doing thank you’s I’m going to say thanks again to Sam Blanchard who is acting as my physio, I’ve seen him several times lately to help keep my niggles under control – thanks Sam.

The main challenge of the last 6 weeks has been to take on ‘a Month of 10km’s’. This has been a real team effort – I’ve had company on every single one, and that makes it so much more fun. The first 10k was in Ashford and we had our biggest team – Anna, Chloe, Cat, and Jody. This was my first 10k and I think 3 out of 4 of us ran personal bests. The following week me and Cat ran in Chichester both running personal bests again. After that we ran Chessington together and I finally managed to break the 50min barrier getting my time down to 47:16. Proudly, I text my Dad as I knew he used to be a bit of a runner. His response was to let me know his PB was 45:20 (we’re not a competitive family at all!). With one race left at Kenley airfield I turned up fresher than previous weeks (no hockey the day before), with a new pair of shoes, and a new pacemaker. Phil Johnson turned up having done no training, having no idea how far 10k was, or how fast to run. Being Phil he just said he’d run with me as far as he could, I was getting a bit worried for my pride when we went through 8km together – in the end he finished 25 seconds behind me which was a great run. Frustratingly I finished 16 seconds behind Dad’s PB so I may be adding another 10km run to my training plan to see if I can finally beat his time (definitely not a competitive family).

Looking forward the challenges begin to get tougher and come a bit faster. March 22nd will have a good size Team 30/30 at Richmond Half Marathon. I’ve upped my training a bit with this in mind and am now trying to squeeze as many long runs in as possible around hockey and work, along with making sure I rest enough that my niggly injuries don’t get any worse.

The weekend after the half marathon we have another decent size 30/30 Team taking on the One True Grit obstacle race. This is a 10km race over countless obstacles designed to test us to our limits. One True Grit have been great and given us a 15% discount on entries so if anyone else wants to join us please get in touch.

April has no challenges, but in May I take on the Sussex Marathon weekend which is on the bank holiday weekend and comprises of three races on consecutive days in Sussex, which total 26.2 miles (10miles Saturday, 10miles Sunday, 10km Monday). Once again feel free to join us for the whole thing or just one day! At the end of May I’m running the Edinburgh marathon too. I’ve added as full a list as I can of the remaining challenges with dates at the end of this blog in case anyone wants to join me.

I need to put a shout out and say thanks to a few other organisations which have given us free or discounted places:

  • Big Southeast Aquathon – gave me a free place
  • Bridge Triathlon  -gave me a free place
  • Marlow Half Ironman (by F3 events) – gave me a free place and a discount for 4 friends

I’m looking forward to seeing a few of you on the start line at an event soon – it does make a huge difference having a team with me, so take a look at the list, put your name down and get training to join me! I’d also be interested to hear your thoughts on the blogs and the challenges so leave a comment or get in touch!

Finally, keep suggesting 30th challenges for me, keep sharing the page and encourage your friends and family help me not only fund raise but raise awareness of pancreatic cancer too.

March 22nd – Richmond Half Marathon
March 29th – One True Grit Obstacle Race, Hertfordshire
May 2,3,4th – Sussex Marathon Weekend
May 31st – Edinburgh Marathon
June 14th – Passing Clouds trail run, near Leek
June 21st – Bridge Triathlon (1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run)
June 28th – Big Southeast Aquathon (2km swim, 10km run)
July tbc – Oxted Pram race
July 19th – Marlow Half Ironman (1900m swim, 82km bike, 20km run)
July tbc – London – Paris ride
August 9th – Haywards Heath Howler (100mile cycle)
August 22nd – 3 Peaks Challenge (tbc)
August 29/30th – Hike across Dartmoor
September tbc – Fred Whitton Round cycle
September tbc – Learn to row
September 26th – London to Brighton off road cycle
October tbc – week of training with Mid Sussex Martial Arts School (Cat’s club!)

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