****THE 30th CHALLENGE****

I’m pleased to announce that I have chosen my 30th Challenge. I had lots of good suggestions, including getting a tattoo, life modeling, sky diving, and setting a Guinness World Record!

However, I have chosen to set myself a challenge that will be harder than anything I’ll have done so far, something that lots of people can participate in with me, and something that ends with a big celebration – it will be my birthday after all!

My 30th Challenge will be an epic five day journey down the country linking together some important places to me and the 30/30 Challenge. I’ll start at Distington Crematorium which is where my Mum was cremated, and I will run to Link House which is the guest house my Mum and Dad bought and ran together for 3 years before my Mum died. This is about 15 miles. I’ll then hop on my bike and ride to Nettlebed via Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes is where our family all grew up, and Nettlebed is where my Mum grew up and where some of Mums and Grandparents ashes are buried. This journey is 330 miles and I am planning on it taking three days. The final leg of this journey will be a final 45 mile cycle to Pancreatic Cancer UK Head Office in Vauxhall, London where I will present them with a cheque for all the money the 30/30 Challenge has raised – hopefully over £3000.

As always, I want everyone to be as involved as they can be. I’ll publish the route before hand and I’d love for people to come and join me for sections of the rides. You don’t need to ride very far and I definitely won’t be going very fast!

I’ll be celebrating in London once we’ve presented the cheque to Pancreatic Cancer UK. This will be a dual celebration of the completion of the 30 Challenges and also my birthday.

30th Challenge route

DAY 1 (November 3rd):
Distington Crematorium to Link House Guest House – 15mile run

DAY 2,3,4 (November 4th-6th):
Link House to Milton Keynes – 288miles (via Peak District)
Milton Keynes to Nettlebed – 43 miles

DAY 5 (Saturday November 7th):
Nettlebed to PCUK – 48 miles

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